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About Shift Thinking®

Shift Thinking® is a set of exponential mindshifts for success in the Digital Age.

Shift Thinking helps leaders let go of old ways of thinking and grab hold of new ones with the potential to transform how their organizations engage, organize and grow.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
— Albert Einstein

What is Shift Thinking®?

To change what you do, you first have to change how you think.

They say that people resist change.  But that’s not always true.

Imagine you are hanging from a trapeze. The rope is fraying and there is no net below. People are telling you to jump. But until someone brings a new bar within reach, you’ll hang on as long as you can. You aren’t resisting—you’re just being smart. When you can reach that new bar, you gladly let go of the old.

Today, we are all swinging on a digital trapeze. The old ways are becoming obsolete. The rope is fraying and we all have to jump. But where’s the new bar?

Shift Thinking is a new mindset for success in the Digital Age.

This work accelerates not only learning, but unlearning. It helps leaders let go of the old and grab onto the new, with new mental models that leverage the power of network effects to transform how companies engage, organize and grow.

People ask how Shift Thinking differs from other methodologies such as design thinking, Agile or growth mindset.

While each of these pertains to a specific aspect of business, Shift Thinking is an overarching mindset about value creation that ties together strategy, marketing, leadership and culture.

If you are ready to make the leap to achieve breakthrough results, Shift Thinking is the new bar you’ve been waiting for.

Shift Multipliers

Shift Thinking® is a set of exponential mindshifts for success in the Digital Age.

Embraced by a growing community of leaders and organizations, this transformational business mindset reflects the new logic of value creation in a networked world.

With Shift Thinking, product-focused, process-intensive, hierarchical organizations can transform into agile, adaptive networks aligned on Shared Purpose.

For breakthrough results, don’t just change what you do. First change how you think.

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